Mulch Installation

For a beautiful, healthy yard year-round, Jenny’s Flowers offers top-quality mulch installation.

Mulching specific areas of your lawn and flowerbeds is an affordable way to enhance the look of your property, improve lawn and landscape health, and reduce maintenance. By adding the correct mulch, you can tie together the entire look of your landscape and it is a simple way to add cost-effective curb appeal.

More than just pretty looks, mulching is an important part of lawn care. A complimentary mulch can boost the color of your annual and perennial plants and help protect your valuable landscaping investments by increasing plant and tree growth potential, improving resilience against seasonal hazards– like Pennsylvania’s hot summers and freezing winters– and protect plant root systems from digging animals, erosion, and weed choke. Mulching can also lower your utility costs by regulating soil temperatures to reduce watering needs.