About Me

I guess I’ve had a green thumb my whole life.

My passion for gardening started with my grandfather at a young age, as we would spend hours in his garden during the summer months.  Over the years I have become passionate about my own gardens and found myself offering to do family’s beds and landscaping maintenance because I enjoyed it so much.  Being outside designing flowerbeds, potted plants and garden beds is what I love to do most.

Whether you want to plant shrubs, trees or flowers, there are a million ways you can rethink your beds and add a little creativity to make your garden beds pop!  A garden bed filled with the perfect mix of shrubs, annuals and perennials is just the thing for blooms that last the entire summer and into the Fall!  

Allow Jenny to create your own beautiful little niche outside your home or business this year.  Call Jenny’s Flowers today for help with all your landscaping needs.