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We specialize in beautiful floral designs for

flower beds & containers

I guess I’ve had a green thumb my whole life.  My passion for gardening started with my grandfather at a young age, as we would spend hours in his garden during the summer months.  Over the years I have become passionate about my own gardens and found myself offering to do family’s beds and landscaping maintenance because I enjoyed it so much.  Being outside designing flowerbeds, potted plants and garden beds are what I love to do most… Read More

Our Services

Allow Jenny to create your own beautiful little niche outside your home or business this year.  Call Jenny’s Flowers today for help with all your landscaping needs.

Pots & Containers

Let Jenny’s Flowers help take away the hassle of planting your flowerpots this year!  This is where Jenny’s Flowers takes most pride!  Our combination of creative design and plant/flower knowledge, will take all the guesswork out for you when considering the best shade and sun plants for your specific areas.  We’ll help you achieve the nicest pots on the block!

Creating harmonious arrangements of flowers in beautiful pots or antique cauldrons is a great way to show your personality!

Flower Beds

Whether you are looking to make a strong statement around your house or just create a small bed around your mailbox, flowerbeds can make all the difference in your landscape.  This might seem like a daunting project; so let Jenny’s Flowers help by creating a more beautiful, flower-filled garden for you.  A flowerbed gives you a place to plant colorful annuals and perennials that can fill your yard with beauty. And flowers, of course, are essential for butterflies and other pollinators, so creating more space for blooming plants will help roll out the welcome mat for these beneficial creatures.

Maintenance & Mulching

For a beautiful, healthy yard year-round, Jenny’s Flowers offers top-quality mulch installation. Mulching specific areas of your lawn and flowerbeds is an affordable way to enhance the look of your property, improve lawn and landscape health, and reduce maintenance. By adding the correct mulch, you can tie together the entire look of your landscape and it is a simple way to add cost-effective curb appeal.

More than just pretty looks, mulching is an important part of lawn care. A complimentary mulch can boost the color of your annual and perennial plants and help protect your valuable landscaping investments by increasing plant and tree growth potential, improving resilience against seasonal hazards– like Pennsylvania’s hot summers!